It is finally time

 Road trip snacks. How long do you think this massive pile of nuts, dried fruit, and beef jerky will last?

Road trip snacks. How long do you think this massive pile of nuts, dried fruit, and beef jerky will last?

Eeeeek, I hit the road tomorrow! I have been telling myself for months that I would have everything done so I could spend the last week before I left soaking up time with my boyfriend Justin and our dog Charlie. Of course, now that it is here, I am running around frantically trying to get all the last minute things together and hoping I don't forget something extra important, like my camera.

I did give myself a break over the weekend though so I don't feel as bad. We went to the coast to celebrate two wonderful friends getting married. It also happened to be my 30th birthday, some alone time with Justin at the coast was a great way to celebrate. On Sunday we had a big birthday/going away BBQ at our place. I am so thankful for everyone that was able to make it out. These last few weeks I feel like I have been neglecting friend time as I try and pull everything together so it was great to have everyone all in one place.


Justin and I did hit up one last Oregon drive-in last night, Motor-Vu Drive-In located in Dallas, OR. The owners, Jeff & Robin, were so welcoming. I can only hope that all the owners I meet on the road are as kind as the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting in Oregon so far. They bought the Motor-Vu back in 2007 and did some major updates to the snack bar, including adding an espresso bar to keep you up for the second feature. While they weren't recipients of a digital projector from Honda's Project Drive-In, they found another way to keep their screen lit. A creative game plan where they sold thousands of gift cards to the theater ended up being overly successful and they were able to go digital! If you are in Oregon, I recommend taking a little drive and checking this place out. No light pollution here so you really are watching the movies right under the stars and a huge bonus, they are open 7 days a week!

It was also a great longer test drive of the new 2015 Honda Fit to make sure I am used to driving her. I got my ancient iPod working with the USB port in the car and we figured out how to get Pandora to play too. That with all the mix CD's I have received, I think I will be good to go on music. I won't lie though, I think it is going to be really hard having to give this car back after the trip. I love my little 2006 Honda Civic but it is going to be quite the downgrade. 

I wish I could say I was going to have the time to edit all these photos before hitting the road but something tells me that just isn't going to happen so for now here is a sneak peek of the back of my camera.

P.S. As I have stated before, for full disclosure and legal reason, Honda has generously loaned me the 2015 Honda Fit for my road trip. Their kind donation doesn't mean they are telling me what to say. All opinions stated about the car are my own. And the car really is amazing!

Lindsey Rickert

Portland, OR, United States of America

I turned to photography at a young age as a way to manipulate the world in front of me into endless possibilities. It remained a hobby for several years until I decided to run away from the snow in Iowa and towards the rain in Portland, OR. While I was inspired by film makers and my surroundings, I had a tendency to pick apart single frames and freeze them. My memory wasn't a movie playing back in my head, it was a series of still images that created a narrative. This translates into my work through the use of lighting and props that build a scene and create a story. When I am not taking pictures, I spend my time roller skating, playing with my puppy Charlie Von Shitbird (he is very sophisticated), spending time with my snake Vans, embarking on capers with my girlfriends, messing around with special fx makeup, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. The best thing about my job is getting to meet a variety of people. No to shoots are the same and I thrive on getting to know my clients and collaborating with them to create truly unique and bold images that fit their needs. Whether it be wedding photography, family portraits, small business needs, or you simply want a kick ass original portrait. If you are looking for a creative experience that will not only boost your confidence but create a lasting memory then lets make it happen!