Happy Wednesday everyone!


I woke up today and realized that I hit the road in exactly 3 weeks. To say I am excited would be the understatement of the year. I am happy to report that my stress level is far lower than I had anticipated. Although, I did have dreams about killing bunnies and my teeth falling out last night, which may or may not indicate stress depending on how you analyze dreams. Weirdo dreams aside, things seem to be coming together magically. Just a few more photo session that I had booked ages ago, one monumental goodbye to my 20's and a beach wedding then, I am outta here!

In anticipation for making my life as smooth as possible on the road, I have been trying to think ahead and prep as much stuff as possible before I leave. Today I am working on addressing postcards and envelopes for all of you who will be getting your rewards during my trip! Don't worry though, no filling out the postcard commentary until I am in the full swing of my travels and I have some fun stories to share with all of you.

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