Mapping it out

This is my view today! A combination of Honda's Project Drive-In map for a better view of operational drive-in theaters.  My map on, of abandoned theaters, and my new map that hopefully includes me picking up my first travel buddy in Oakland! As I have said before, I am trying not to create an overly ridged timeline so I can allow myself the time needed to capture the perfect shots at each drive-in theater that I visit. I will need a bit of a planning though since I am will be breaking my trips off into a few "hubs" as I have been calling them. These will be cities that I know I have a place to stay for a bit of time that I will be using as my home base and then visiting all the drive-in theaters within a few hours distance before moving on to the next hub. 

I have a few other things to consider as I plan my trip.  Things like the fact that many operational theaters are only open Friday-Sunday. Also, and this might sound kind of nerdy, tracking where I will be during the full moon.  A full moon offers the best possibly lighting for night time photograph and can help to create an amazing and dramatic atmosphere so I want to be sure that I am at specific locations during these nights.

Time to go put on another pot of coffee! It is going to be a long day but I am really excited to start nailing some of this down more so I can start calling friends and telling them when I will be seeing them!