Behind the Scenes

Last night I made my second trip out to 104th St. Drive-In here in Portland for a shoot.  My first trip I attempted to model and photograph.  Lets just say, I am not a very good model so I made the trip again last night with a fresh new idea and a model in tow.  Derek Willis also joined along to help finishing up the filming for my Kickstarter video.  I am hoping to have my Kickstarter live by April 10th!  

A little history for you about 104th St. Drive-In.  What was once the largest drive-in screen in Portland, is now just a sign on the side of a busy road.  Not all was lost when this theater closed though, in 1990 the screen went to 99W Drive-In after theirs had been damaged by wind.  99W Drive-In still remains open today and was recently saved by Honda'a Project Drive-In, a nation wide contest that has saved 9 drive-in theaters so far by raising funds to buy them new digital projectors.

Lindsey RickertComment