104th St. Drive-In: Portland, OR

Planning for the trip is moving along so quickly.  Today my Kickstarter video is being finalized and I will be submitting the project for approval tomorrow.  I must admit, the closer this all gets to becoming a reality, the more excited and nervous I get.  

Here is the final image from my photo shoot a few weeks ago at the 104th St. Drive-In located here in Portland, OR where we also did some of the filming for my Kickstarter video.  I have visited this abandoned sign several times trying to figure out the perfect way to photograph it.  The sign it self is pretty amazing but being right next to a busy road and a bunch of warehouses, I wasn't overly inspired by the rest of the setting.  And then, I remembered how we used to sneak extra people into the drive-in theater as a kid.  Hiding out in the trunk and then popping out for the movie.  Looking, back that maybe wasn't the most honest thing and we probably could have just paid the extra few bucks but that's not my point here.  I wanted to recreate that feeling with this photograph.

Fun fact, if you missed my last blog post, the screen from this abandoned theater was donated to 99W Drive-In located in Newberg, OR after their screen had been badly damaged by a storm.

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