Hilltop Drive-In: Joliet, IL

Back in November, I went to visit my friend April who recently moved to Chicago, IL.  I had been daydreaming about drive-ins constantly and figured I should check and see if there were any near her that I could go and photograph while I was there.  Lucky for me, the Hilltop Drive-In, an abandoned theater, was located just 40 minutes from her apartment.

This was the first drive-in I had ever tried to capture and I only had a fraction of my lights with me.  Mainly, we spent the day just testing out various lighting ideas I had floating around.  I wasn't going for a masterpiece at the time, I just wanted to see how such a large space functioned and get a better idea of what kind of equipment I would want on my road trip to get exactly what I wanted.  I will be traveling back to Joliet on my summer road trip with a solid idea in mind of how I want to capture is space.

One problem I have been running into is finding locations anywhere near me in the Pacific Northwest.  There really isn't much for abandoned locations anywhere near me.  There is one sign off of SE 108th and Powell that I will be making a visit too soon...if the rain stops forcing me to reschedule.  The second closest abandoned theater was in Washington and sadly was torn down last summer.  There are a few operational drive-in theaters, however, I am patently waiting for them to open in April so I can go watch some movies and get some pictures.

Lindsey RickertComment