About Me

I don't take pictures, I CREATE pictures.

My Story: At the ripe age of 19, I left the cold winters of Iowa for the grey skies of Portland, Oregon. I spent several years traveling, playing roller derby, and honing my unique photography style. In 2012, I graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art, where I mentored under the very talented Holly Andres.

With a little push from life in the right direction, I left my day job just three months after graduation and have been doing photography full-time ever since. My commercial, wedding, and personal work have graced magazines and galleries around the world. 

In 2014, I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to travel the country and photograph existing and abandoned drive-in theatres. This lead to a partnership with Honda Motor Company as part of their Project Drive-In Campaign. This also lead me down the unexpected role of teaching. Since completing my campaign, I have taught several classes and served on panels in the Portland area to share my knowledge and help others reach their campaign goals. In 2015 the images from this adventure were compiled into my first coffee table book. 

When I am not taking pictures I am cuddling my adorable dog, Charlie Von Shitbird, hiking, swimming, roller skating, remodeling my house, soaking up quality time with my favorite people, or planning my next tropical vacation. 

My Style: I love bold, dark images, with pops of color and beautiful highlights. Light is everything and I don't wait for it to naturally happen, I make it happen! Through the power of artificial light, I transform scenes to give the dramatic look and feel they deserve.  


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 'Drive-In America' Book

 'Drive-In America' Book

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 'Drive-In America' Book

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 'Drive-In America' Book


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 'Drive-In America' Book

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