Services that make running your business a little fucking easier! 

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Need to up your photo game?




Image Branding

I offer image branding services that will give you confidence to present your business or product to the entire world. Interested? We start with an in-person consultation to make sure we are both picking up what the other one is throwing down. I like to do this over coffee or if you're game, cocktails cus who says we can't Mad (Wo)men that shit. I'll take some notes, we will have some laughs. A few days later I'll have a sweet proposal including a mood board and an execution plan that will fulfill all your needs and be fun as hell to create! Still not convinced? I'll let my work speak for its self! Click any image below to see more from that set!

Lindsey is the consummate and skilled professional. I am so pleased with her photographs. I would encourage anyone looking for a photographer to choose Lindsey; you will not go wrong. She has a keen eye for color, detail, composition and pretty much captured all the best parts of my gym. Her great sense of humor kept me on my toes and relaxed while taking my portraits. Her style is effortless. Her communication before, during, and after our photo session was excellent, and she had some great ideas for shots. She was professional, flexible with meeting up for photos, and very easy to talk with regarding her services and what I could expect from her.
— Janan, Owner of Rebel Health NW

Want to take better photos on your own? 




Photography 101

I get it, with social media, it feels like you need fresh photos every day. It would be crazy to spend the money to hire a pro for all that shit. Being a photographer is an annoying extra hat in the 20 hats we have to wear to run a business but I promise, with a little help and practice you can actually get pretty good at it. 

With this service, I come to your place of business. (don't worry, it's cool if you work out of your home or your creepy ass basement as long as you promise not to kill me) and I help you take better photographs with the tools you already have. 

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Website got you wanting to break shit?


Squarespace Web Design + Training Session

The number one frustration I hear from business owners is what a headache their website is. They either don't have one, hate the one they have, dread the idea of deal with it, or can't get their web designer to update the thing in a timely manner. How are people gonna know about your awesome shit if you don't have a website? Let me help get you over the worst hurdle by designing you a beautiful and functional site using Squarespace's platform. (And no, they don't pay me to send business their way, I just happen to think they are great.) Then, I will teach you how to use their easy interface so you can keep it updated yourself OR, if you just don't ever want to deal with it ever, you can pay my ass to do that. Click the images below to see a few examples.

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Having trouble keeping your ass on track?


Goal Setting + Accountability

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture can be daunting. You have a business but do you have goals for the next 1, 3 or 5 years? Did reading that sentence just make you mumble "what the fuck am I doing' to yourself? Talking through your ideas with other people is gold and you know what is even better? When that person helps you set goals and then is there to keeping you on track to achieve them. It's a lot harder to make excuses if you have to say it out loud to someone else. So, let me be your sounding board. I will help you set goals. Then, when you meet them, I will be right there to have a celebratory drink! 

My business had come to a bit of a plateau and I was struggling to keep it moving forward while also working a full time 9 - 5 job. Lindsey established weekly meetings with me where we laid out the big picture goals for my website and business, set up attainable weekly goals and steps to move toward those bigger goals, and helped provide suggestions, contacts, and networking opportunities for me to take things to the next step. Having someone that knows what they’re doing when it comes to self-employment and running a business holding me accountable for my goals was exactly what I needed to get things off the ground again.
— Sasha, Owner of Tattooed Martha