Newsletter Vol. 5

What a crazy two months it has been! Lots of big and exciting life things are happening. I hope to share all of it with everyone soon but for now, here is a photo packed update with all the fun shoots I have been working on!

Beach Wedding:

With wedding season fast approaching, I was really excited to head to the beach with Josh & Sasha for some post wedding portraits. These two love birds were married last summer at the beach. As many of you who ever have been married know, wedding days can be hectic. Their photographer captured amazing portraits on their big day but before Sasha sent off her dress to be preserved, we decided to put it to good use one more time. Without the stress of a timeline (other than the sunsetting) we were able to have a carefree shoot that adds a nice touch to their wedding album. 

Awesome Clients!

I love working with entrepreneurs! Seeing a person jump in full force to follow their dreams is invigorating.  Being able to help them show the world their passion & brand through images is one of my favorite things. Here are just a few of my awesome clients!

Tattooed Martha:

I have had the pleasure of seeing this talented blogger through my lens on several occasions recently. Sasha contacted me after being approached by Inkspired Magazine. They wanted to do a feature on her craft & her beautiful tattoos in their upcoming issue. We wanted to wow her potential new audience as well as her current devoted fans with a fresh new look. It had been over two years since our first shoot for her blog and as brands tend to do, Tattooed Martha had grown and evolved tremendously over that time. We decided to really capture Sasha's humorous, messy, cupcake & booze loving personality and couple it with the bright vibrant colors she surrounds her life with.

Pill Jewelry:

Swedish jewelry designer Johanna Dalin & I found one another on Instagram. Oh how I love how Instagram allows one to connect easily with creative from all over the world. Johanna was working on a new line that was all about body parts call "Parts of Me, Parts of You." Since I have had my own obsession with body parts in my mannequin series, it was obvious that we were the perfect match for one another. With Johanna's signature style being creepy but cute, I highlighted her jewelry by using bold color schemes, a touch of vintage flair, & various mannequin parts coupled with human models. 

Muscle & Bone PDX:

Izzy has been a long time client of mine & the best massage therapist I have ever had. The last several months, Izzy & his business partner Shane have been revamping their website & business model to approach massage as a continual process & necessity to self care. Setting up membership plans that allow you to treat yourself & your body to the healing strength of massage without breaking your bank account. Their website had a clean & modern black & white look. We wanted to create images that reflected that same look while also showcasing their fun, laid back personalities so clients. 

More Mannequins:

Even when life gets crazy, you know I can't help finding some time to get a little weird with my mannequins. Here is what I have been up to lately.

Drive-In America Book Update:

Things are still moving forward with the book. I have everything passed off to my designer, we started to pick out fonts & all that fun stuff last week. It is really exciting seeing it all come together and I can't wait to hold a copy in my hands! A few major life events have caused me to adjust my release date. I figure if I am going to do it, I need to make sure I am doing it right. We are now looking at an October release and I feel very confident that nothing else will stand in the way of making that happen!

Abandoned TeePee Drive-In Sapulpa, OK

Abandoned TeePee Drive-In Sapulpa, OK