Burnt Portraits

I have been working really hard on some new work for my upcoming show, Analog:  Obscured, with Rachel Mulder at AFRU Gallery in Portland, OR. Several years ago, when I was still in college, I did a project of burnt negatives. At the time I wasn't really sure why I was doing it. I think I was kind of getting fed up with school and I wanted to be destructive. Luckily, the results I got were pretty amazing. For years I have been saying I wanted to do more of these but then I got distracted and would forget. Until now! Here are some previews of what I have been working on.


These are one of those things that you kind of have to see in person. I take the 35mm film that I burned and I scan it, reprint it on larger transparency paper, and cut it to the shape of the burnt negative. If you happen to be in town July 3rd, come on out to the opening!

Lindsey RickertComment