Calling All Business Owners

I really love working with small business owners and artists.  Each time it is a unique creative collaboration to find a way to communicate who they are and what they do.  I find myself so creatively satisfying after the process is complete.  This is why it is my goal to work with more businesses in the coming year.  Lets get creative!  

Regardless of the size of your business, branding is one of the most important things you can do.  However, branding isn't simply a logo, it's so much more.  Photography can be a great way to clearly and consistently define your brand across various platforms.  Images can be used not just to reflect the services you provide but also bring that important human connection to your brand by showing your clients one of the most important things about your brand, YOU!

Tattooed Marth Welcome.jpg

 Tattooed Martha for example, is all about a perfect blend of cooking, crafting, and tattoo culture, mixed together lots of Sailor Jerry rum.  It was important for her images to showcase a clean and  colorful blended all of these elements without becoming cluttered.  Equally important, was showcasing the woman behind the blog.  Sasha's posts can be really honest and at time personal.  She puts it out there for her followers and it's important to put a face to her genuinely sweet, down to earth, Midwestern personality.

Tattooed Martha Contact.jpg
Tattooed Martha FB.jpg
Strut Fitness Website 2.jpg

Strut Fitness and its owner Janan, needed imagery that combined the ass kicking, no nonsense personality you will experience in Janan's one on one training sessions while also showing her softer side.  There is an intimacy to her studio, it being located in the basement of her home, as well as in the sessions with Janan.  She pushes hard but she also closely works with clients to ensure they not only do the exercises right but they believe in themselves. 

We started off with just the photography you see here for Janan's website but after starting with the photographic branding, Janan decided she wanted to revamp her entire look to match!  We are currently in the process of redoing her entire website.  Since I have been using Squarespace for years and I am familiar with the platform, I am also working on building Janan's website for her so she can focus on what is really important, her training.

Strut Fitness Website 1.jpg

Drop me a line here if you are interested in discuss details about improving your business identity!