Behind the Blog: Tattooed Martha


I recently got the rare opportunity to witness the behind the scenes happenings and exactly what it takes for Sasha Rumage to create a recipe for her blog Tattooed Martha.  Sasha and I had been discussing for a few months how important we both thought it would be for her readers to get a good behind the scenes look at her process.  It was an important step for Sasha in her branding as it makes her more accessible to her readers.  While her clean and perfect blog posts can sometimes suggest she is a superhuman ball of perfection, this gave her a chance to show her followers the space she is working with while also understanding that her process isn't always flawless and clean.  And sometimes she has to get resourceful thawing butter in front of the heater for example.


On this particular day, Sasha was making Vanilla Cupcakes with Maraschino Cherry Frosting, which tasted amazing by the way.  Head on over to her website to see all the behind the scenes action. 

Lets just say, I got my workout in trying to keep up with her.  Sasha has to wear a lot of hats to make just one blog post happen and I am so glad I got the chance to help her show all of her readers that her talents go far beyond just cooking and blogging.  Head on over to Tattooed Martha today for some amazing food, drink, and craft ideas and when you are appreciating those delicious cupcakes, take a moment to savior all the hard work that went into making your cooking life a little bit easier.

Lindsey RickertComment