All the Pretty Faces

Where did January go?  Once the holidays wore off, I went from slow moving and relaxing, into overdrive.  I love being busy.  It really is the only way I get anything done otherwise I just procrastinate. 

So far, the year has been packed with lots of amazing meetings as I set up some big plans for this year.  I have also been really busy shooting some fun stuff that I will be sharing soon.  For now, I will leave you with an impromptu photo collaboration I did this past Monday with my friend and fellow artist Francesca Berrini.  Stop by her website and give her work a look. 

When your client reschedules and you have the studio booked for the evening, what better way to spend you time then calling upon your friends and getting a little weird.  Big thanks to Cassie for assisting and Nichole for modeling!  Expect more of these in the future!