The Get Ahead

If you keep up with my blog, Facebook, or Instagram then you have probably heard me rave about how amazing The Get Ahead is.  Hopefully you were smart, and clicked on the links I provided or better yet you went to a live show and found out for yourself that I wasn't lying.  But if not, here is another chance to check them out.

This band is amazing and I can't wait for our upcoming album cover shoot later this month!  It has been an amazing privilege to be with them from the very start, documenting their growth...and maybe winning a few dirty dancing competitions when I wasn't working, but I'm not one to brag.  A few weeks ago I not only photographed them while they were laying down some new tracks in the recording studio, I also photographed them playing at Jimmy Mak's that same week.  If you are familiar with the Portland Jazz scene then you will understand what an amazing opportunity that was for them. 

So I will stop yapping for now and you can click off my blog....after you view some of my favorite photos of course...and find out when they are performing next or follow them on Facebook!


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