Year of the Snake

For those of you who don't know, I live with the most awesome albino corn snake ever, Vans.  My partner Justin has had him for 13 years now after a college buddy of his found him in his shoe (a pair of Vans).  Unsure what to do with the snake, he called Justin who insisted he bring him home and they have been together ever since.  At that time Vans was only the size of a worm (or so I am told).  Hard to imagine since he is now a little over 4 ft long.

I have been collecting his skin each time he molts and setting it aside knowing someday I would have a use for them.  Finally back in January it dawned on me what I needed to do with all the skin, funny since 2013 just happens to be the year of the snake.  I called up my friend Briana who also happens to be a makeup artist and asked her if she would let me glue his skin to her face. 

More than willing, and not knowing she would be finding snake skin in her hair for weeks to come, we set up a date to make it happen.  It took us 3 hours and a lot of spirit gum and liquid latex to get the skin to stay on her face.  Briana had to keep very still, meaning she couldn't really talk.  For anyone who knows her, this was quite the task.  All worth it in the end though, here is the final image and a few behind the scenes shots of how we got there.  

P.S.  Vans is not photoshopped in, he just happens to be the most awesome snake model of all time.

Lindsey RickertComment