9 Days, 9 States, 4227 Miles

A little over two weeks ago, Justin and I were taking our little Shitbird, our 5 month old puppy who we sometimes call Charlie, to the coast and started talking about how we really wanted to go on a road trip.  Lucky for us, Justin's niece just happened to be getting married in Iowa the following week.  We decided that was the perfect excuse for us to hop in the car for a little adventure.

After I attended and Justin worked the Yeah Yeah Yeah's show at Edgefield, we jumped in the car at 2am with little to no sleep and embarked on our two day push to Iowa.  We managed to travel 19 hours in that first day which is pretty impressive and finished up with a 10 hour day after that.

We attended the wedding and very briefly spent some time with the family that we could before we jumped back in the car.  We took a bit more time on our drive home, stopping at Mount Rushmore, then venturing through Yellowstone, before finally getting back to Portland.  With the exception of a few hurdles like the A/C breaking, Shitbird peeing on our friends boat, and me being sick and drugged up on cough medicine the entire time, we had a great adventure.  If you don't follow me on Instagram, which you should, here are a few photos from the trip. 

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