Mystery Object Revealed

There were some great guesses on Facebook yesterday on what the image below (on the right) could possibly be but only one came close.  Drum roll please.....

The answer is nostril wax!  Last year while getting my eyebrows waxed my esthetician asked me if I wanted to try waxing my nostrils too.  I will admit I was completely weirded out by the idea but I am generally up for trying things at least once.  While I discovered that nostril waxing might not be for me, I was shocked at how little it actually hurt and more importantly I was fascinated by how oddly and grossly beautiful the wax lollipop, as I like to call it, was.  I immediately asked her to put it in a bag so I could take it home and photograph it.  So there you have it, nostril waxing, who knew.  That is the shape of the inside of my nostril.


P.S.  Nostril waxing, in my experience, will not make your nose bleed but these pictures just go so well together, I couldn't help myself. 

Lindsey RickertComment