Extended Celebration

Back in October my bestie April got married to her wonderful husband Elon.  I happened to be in the wedding and actually ended up giving her away which was a fun mix up to a traditional ritual, however, this also meant that I wasn't able to photograph their big day.  Originally, they weren't too concerned with having portraits of the two of them, rather they just wanted to get some pics with friends and family.  Well, just like I had warned her, once all was said and done, they looked back at their images and wished they had taken the time to do so.  Luckily April still had her dress so we took an evening to shoot the portraits of just the two of them.

The amazing thing about them doing their portraits on a day that wasn't their wedding was the stress of the big day was gone.  We weren't rushing to get them back to the party which meant, we were able to hit up a variety of locations.  As weddings and their traditions evolve this type of portrait shoot after the fact isn't as uncommon as you might think.  And now they have the portraits they realized they wanted.

Lindsey RickertComment