Wish List


I have always been a believer of ask and you shall receive.  When you put the things you want out there, the world and the amazing people in it, have a way of bringing them to you.  Keeping that in mind, I started thinking of all the amazing things I want to shoot in 2014.  The people I want to meet, and the places I want to go.

So, I made up a 2014 Wish List.  I'm putting it out there universe and hoping you (and maybe some help from the powers of social media) can help make it happen!  If you fit the bill or know someone who does for any of these, lets talk! 

1.  I live in the Pacific Northwest.  It rains a lot here.  Rather than letting it get you down, why not embrace it?  Who wants to do a shoot at NIGHT in the RAIN?  Lets get soaking wet and have an amazing time!  I promise to provide warm drinks after.

2.  I bought an underwater film camera and I haven't used it enough.  I want to shoot everything UNDERWATER!  Portraits, wedding photos, you name it, I am game.

3.  Everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love.  Help me find my first SAME SEX WEDDING!  I believe in this so much, that I am offering 10% off to any same sex couples that book their wedding with me in 2014!

4.  Ages ago, I remember seeing David LaChappelle's "Til Death Do Us Part" wedding invitation for Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra.  Apparently it had something to do with a reality show that I care nothing about.  I don't even care about Carmen and Dave.  What I do care about is how awesome this photo is and I have always wanted to do an ENGAGEMENT SESSION THAT FOCUSES ON THE "TIL DEATH" THEME.  Who wants to get dark and creative?

5.  My camera and my lights fit in a suitcase.  I don't want the fact that I am based in Portland, OR to stop me from meeting and photographing amazing people all over the county, or better yet the world!  I WANT TO TRAVEL!

6.  With #5 said, I have been dreaming about Hawaii for far to long and would love to photograph a WEDDING IN HAWAII!

7.  Growing up in Iowa, I hated the snow and moved to Oregon partially to escape it.  Here we are a decade later and I think I can finally appreciate snow again and would love to do portraits or a wedding shoot in the SNOW.

8.  I have always wanted to ride in a HOT AIR BALLOON.  If you have a hot air balloon and want to take me for a ride I will give you a free portrait session!

9.  And last but not least.  As some of you may know, I have been obsessed with drive-in theaters lately.  I want to photograph all of them!  Operational ones are easy to find.  It is the abandoned ones that can be tricky.  So, if you know where an ABANDONED DRIVE-IN THEATER is, please tell me!

There is mine.  What is on YOUR 2014 wish list?

*Be the first to book any of these sessions and get 10% off as a thank you for helping me fulfill my wish list dreams!

Lindsey Rickert

Portland, OR, United States of America

I turned to photography at a young age as a way to manipulate the world in front of me into endless possibilities. It remained a hobby for several years until I decided to run away from the snow in Iowa and towards the rain in Portland, OR. While I was inspired by film makers and my surroundings, I had a tendency to pick apart single frames and freeze them. My memory wasn't a movie playing back in my head, it was a series of still images that created a narrative. This translates into my work through the use of lighting and props that build a scene and create a story. When I am not taking pictures, I spend my time roller skating, playing with my puppy Charlie Von Shitbird (he is very sophisticated), spending time with my snake Vans, embarking on capers with my girlfriends, messing around with special fx makeup, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. The best thing about my job is getting to meet a variety of people. No to shoots are the same and I thrive on getting to know my clients and collaborating with them to create truly unique and bold images that fit their needs. Whether it be wedding photography, family portraits, small business needs, or you simply want a kick ass original portrait. If you are looking for a creative experience that will not only boost your confidence but create a lasting memory then lets make it happen!