Shifting Ideas

Just before leaving for Chicago I did a personal photo shoot.  I love doing freelance work, but sometimes I get so caught up in the shoots I am hired for, that I stop creating my own personal artwork.  I had found myself in that slump and decided to kick my ass out of it.

I always love how my ideas shift and remold themselves during the shooting process.  It all depends how everything looks once I get it in front of the camera.  Unlike drawing or painting, I have to actually make these fantastical ideas happen in front of my lens for a brief enough moment to capture it.  For this shoot, my vision was of a woman with her head hanging out of a window and papers flying around her,  However, the paper in the wind has it's own vision of what it wants to do and you have to work with all the factors to pull the idea out of your head and into the reality, however brief that reality may be.  Funny thing is, I made Sasha throw paper at me for the better part of an hour and these are currently my two favorite shots.

Often I get the exact image that I was thinking of but, many times those aren't my favorites.  It is that picture that pushes me to start a shoot but it is the unexpected elements working together that really start to create the photograph and a scene that truly works. 

Lindsey Rickert

Portland, OR, United States of America

I turned to photography at a young age as a way to manipulate the world in front of me into endless possibilities. It remained a hobby for several years until I decided to run away from the snow in Iowa and towards the rain in Portland, OR. While I was inspired by film makers and my surroundings, I had a tendency to pick apart single frames and freeze them. My memory wasn't a movie playing back in my head, it was a series of still images that created a narrative. This translates into my work through the use of lighting and props that build a scene and create a story. When I am not taking pictures, I spend my time roller skating, playing with my puppy Charlie Von Shitbird (he is very sophisticated), spending time with my snake Vans, embarking on capers with my girlfriends, messing around with special fx makeup, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. The best thing about my job is getting to meet a variety of people. No to shoots are the same and I thrive on getting to know my clients and collaborating with them to create truly unique and bold images that fit their needs. Whether it be wedding photography, family portraits, small business needs, or you simply want a kick ass original portrait. If you are looking for a creative experience that will not only boost your confidence but create a lasting memory then lets make it happen!