Adventures in Chicago

I spent most of last week exploring the great city of Chicago with one of it's newest transplants.  While I grew up in Iowa, where Chicago was just a hop, skip, and a jump away, I somehow never managed to visit.  It was great getting to explore the new city April calls home.  In a way, it reminded me of moving to Portland nearly 10 years ago and feeling of seeing everything with wide new eyes, knowing that this was now your home.

We did some touristy stuff such as going to the bean (cloud), taking a boat tour, and checking out a lot of the public art.  My favorite things, aside from seeing April and Elon because that beat everything, (in order of awesomeness were):

1) Finding an abandoned drive-in theater in Joliet, IL.  I have some schemes for a new project involving abandoned drive-ins and this was one of my first chances to test out some ideas.  Stay tuned for more on this...

2)  The mystery blood trail that we picked up and followed.  Our detective skills didn't officially crack the case but the blood was spotted in several parts of the city and always had three spots which vaguely resembled Mickey Mouse.  Logically it was probably a dog with a cut paw but there are a few other theories.

3) The Art Institute of Chicago.  I saw so many amazing pieces that I have only seen in books, including Weegee's "Their First Murder."  It is always amazing to be able to have the opportunity to see pieces in real life.

Here are some photos of my trip.