Chicago Bound

As you read this I am likely on a plane, possibly flying somewhere directly over you...that is kind of a creepy thought. see my bestie in the new city she calls home, Chicago!  As some of you may know, I grew up in Iowa so Midwest winters aren't new to me.  However, after 10 years in Portland, I'm not so sure that my body knows how to handle the cold anymore.  I left Iowa for many reasons, but I would say getting away from the snow was pretty high up on my list.  So of course the Midwest has to play a cruel joke on me and it started snowing in Chicago yesterday.

Only April, and her promises of a liquor store in the lobby of her apartment building and adventures to an abandoned drive-in theater could get me to visit at this time of year so don't any of you back in Iowa start getting ideas.

I'm sure I have many adventures ahead of me from the moment my plane lands until it takes off again.  If you want to keep up with them, follow me on Instagram.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until I return to Portland and have a real computer in front of me again. 

 April and I back in 2007 or 2008 illegally skating through the subways of NYC.  Us Portlanders didn't see the problem.

April and I back in 2007 or 2008 illegally skating through the subways of NYC.  Us Portlanders didn't see the problem.

Lindsey Rickert

Portland, OR, United States of America

I turned to photography at a young age as a way to manipulate the world in front of me into endless possibilities. It remained a hobby for several years until I decided to run away from the snow in Iowa and towards the rain in Portland, OR. While I was inspired by film makers and my surroundings, I had a tendency to pick apart single frames and freeze them. My memory wasn't a movie playing back in my head, it was a series of still images that created a narrative. This translates into my work through the use of lighting and props that build a scene and create a story. When I am not taking pictures, I spend my time roller skating, playing with my puppy Charlie Von Shitbird (he is very sophisticated), spending time with my snake Vans, embarking on capers with my girlfriends, messing around with special fx makeup, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. The best thing about my job is getting to meet a variety of people. No to shoots are the same and I thrive on getting to know my clients and collaborating with them to create truly unique and bold images that fit their needs. Whether it be wedding photography, family portraits, small business needs, or you simply want a kick ass original portrait. If you are looking for a creative experience that will not only boost your confidence but create a lasting memory then lets make it happen!