A little behind the scenes action

This past Monday night I finally got to do the much talked about and highly anticipated photo shoot with The Get Ahead.  We booked room #821 at Hotel Deluxe, even though I kind of wanted to book room #237 since I just watched Room #237 on Netflix.  For those unfamiliar, it is a crazy documentary that looks into secret meanings behind Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.  Kind of crazy, kind of awesome, I mostly enjoyed examining the stills and looking at all the small details in his sets...but back to my original point.

The photo shoot with The Get Ahead went awesomely.  We strategically decorated the room to look like the five band members have been living there for a while and were in the process of getting ready for a show.  Clothes and suitcases everywhere, empty pizza boxes, and lots of bourbon.   The room was beautiful and the staff was amazing!  I should shoot at hotels more often, I could get used to bellhops carrying my gear for me ;) 

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, you should because I generally post there first.  But if you don't, here are some of the behind the scenes images.  Stay tuned for the final shot!