Lets face it, I am pretty terrible at this whole blogging thing.  I do well for a while and then just like that, I get caught up with other things.  Honestly, it isn't that I hate blogging...well, maybe I hate it a little bit.  That is only because long ago when I first dreamed about becoming a photographer my day dreams consisted of jumping from awesome shoot to awesome shoot and somehow I forgot to consider the other side, the business side.  And the business side has told me time and time again that blogging is the smart thing to do for that super exciting search engine optimization part of the business, so I started doing it.  But, if I am being honest, that isn't the part that keeps bringing me back.  Honestly, that has very little to do with why I keep blogging even after a long stint of forgetting about it.

I keep coming back because, I love that blogging gives me more of a voice in my work.  I think my work speaks for itself in many ways but so often there are such great stories that happen during the shoots that the final images just can't tell.  In my personal projects, blogging gives me the platform to inform viewers what I was thinking and where I got ideas or inspiration for a shoot.  When it comes to my freelance work, it give me a space to share the stories of the amazing and interesting people that I get to meet day in and day out.  After spending many years working a 9-5 desk job with no stimulation, where I could feel my soul being crushed a little more each day, it is the opportunity to meet talented and fascinating individuals that is the highlight of my job and getting to collaborate with them creatively is really just a bonus.

So, I am back on the blogging train...for now.  Below is some sneak peeks into what will be showing up on here in the next week or so.  And if there is anything you are interested in hearing about, let me know in the comments! 


Lindsey Rickert

Portland, OR, United States of America

I turned to photography at a young age as a way to manipulate the world in front of me into endless possibilities. It remained a hobby for several years until I decided to run away from the snow in Iowa and towards the rain in Portland, OR. While I was inspired by film makers and my surroundings, I had a tendency to pick apart single frames and freeze them. My memory wasn't a movie playing back in my head, it was a series of still images that created a narrative. This translates into my work through the use of lighting and props that build a scene and create a story. When I am not taking pictures, I spend my time roller skating, playing with my puppy Charlie Von Shitbird (he is very sophisticated), spending time with my snake Vans, embarking on capers with my girlfriends, messing around with special fx makeup, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. The best thing about my job is getting to meet a variety of people. No to shoots are the same and I thrive on getting to know my clients and collaborating with them to create truly unique and bold images that fit their needs. Whether it be wedding photography, family portraits, small business needs, or you simply want a kick ass original portrait. If you are looking for a creative experience that will not only boost your confidence but create a lasting memory then lets make it happen!