Ragaway Wedding

When I first sat down with Corrie & Phillip to discuss what they wanted for their wedding photographs, there was a moment with a slight pause and then Corrie exclaimed, "we both really want to stop traffic on the Burnside bridge for one of our photos."  I knew right then and there that we were a perfect match for one another and this was going to be a great wedding!

As I have been growing my wedding photography business over the last few years, it has been important for me to try and keep my own personal style in a medium where photos can often start to all look the same.  For me, it is the portrait part of wedding photography that is my favorite.  Not only is it where the creativity between myself and the couple really gets to shine, but I have heard over and over again from couples that it is their favorite part of the day.  It is the one moment they are whisked away from the chaos  and just get to be with each other.

From the portraits, through the funny and heartfelt ceremony and the trunk of costumes that followed, all the way to the photo booth, Corrie & Phillip found a way to not only celebrate their love but also the humor that they share.  I found myself laughing more often than not as they cracked jokes throughout their vows, requested photos of all the groomsmen with their pants dropped, and as the girls took over a ping pong table in the park.  Corrie & Phillip found a unique way to keep tradition alive but always with their own twist.  To those of you out there getting married, let these two be an inspiration for how to push the bar on tradition and let your personalities shine on your big day...and give me a call if you want help documenting it all ;)