5 Tips For

5 Tips For Jaw Dropping Wedding Portraits

You have selected all of your favorite people to be by your side on one of the biggest days of your life, make sure you have awesome ph

All the photos you see below I shot at real weddings and took up less than 10 minutes of the wedding parties time!

1) A little planning goes a long way. First and foremost, make sure you are selecting a photographer that you jive with. This is the person who you will be trusting to capture your big day. It will be how you look back and remember this day for years to come. Second, make sure you tell them any ideas you have. Did you stumble across photos you love? Share them with your photographer. Don't expect them to recreate the exact same image, but it will give them a chance to understand the style, lighting, and mood that strikes your eye. If you have wild ideas, share them. I love clients who come to me with a wild idea, that is how I ended up stopping traffic on the Burnside Bridge for this amazing shot!

2) Be willing to say YES! Sometimes we photographers will ask you to do things that may sound a little crazy, like say, stop traffic on a busy ass street or climb on top of a fire mantal

2) Listen. A good photographer is a good cat wrangler